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 On Thursday I attended the plenary talk that was given by Prof. Susan Stipp: ‘Cleaner water, more oil and taking out the garbage‘. I loved it. She started from a planetary point of view, showing how we have contaminated our home, the Earth, since the beginning of time. The rest of the talk was focused in the science that her group is carrying out to be able to solve different environmental problems and other society’s challenges. The examples she gave (ensuring cleaner water, storing waste safely, discovering the mysteries of biomineralization, getting more oil from reservoirs and immobilizing CO2) were based on the research work she is carrying out in the the Nano Science Center. They know how to deal with a scientific problem; they use really useful techniques and are an interdisciplinary group from many countries and different scientific backgrounds. That is the best approach -in my opinion- to succeed.
 At this point I would like to say that I have met some of the people from her group and also had the opportunity to work some time with one of her PhD students. I have also visited her group in Copenhagen and I found a really good and constructive working atmosphere; I was really feeling like ‘at home’ after half an hour in there. By the way, Susan is offering several positions in this website.

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