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Introduction from Raoul

Hello Goldschmidt Blog reader,

My name is Raoul Couture and I will be one of 10 co-authors of this blog for the next week. For me, blogging has always been a nice way to remember and share my experiences enjoyed during my travels – in short, a public diary. In applying this approach, I intend for this blog to be a notebook of the great talks, interesting conversations and ideas that I experience at the meeting. I will also point out anything I dislike about the meeting. I will try to identify any multimedia or web material that may compliment my posts as well. Last, but not least, I also see this exercise as an effort to widen the audience of such a great scientific meeting to people outside the scientific community. In particular, I hope to interpret talks that provide solutions for the restoration of the equilibrium of our planet, or, as is stated in the theme of the conference, “Our volatile planet”.

Finally, the following is an overview of my scientific interests and my motivation for attending this years Goldschmidt meeting. My Ph.D. research at University of Québec, Canada, deals mainly with the geochemistry of arsenic (As) in lake sediments. I enjoy working on linking field work, laboratory experiments and geochemical modeling; a very insightful way of studying geochemical processes and challenging hypotheses. My scientific program at the Goldschmidt conference will first aim to bring me up-to-date on the topics related to the geochemistry of redox-sensitive elements, and in particular oxyanions, in the aquatic environment. Therefore, the whole session 08d: Biogeochemical processes at redox interfaces, in which I will be presenting, will be of special interest to me. I also came to Davos to widen my scientific knowledge on two topics in particular: i) the use of non-traditional stable isotopes, and ii) the microbial cycling of trace elements and how microbial processes can be implemented in reaction-transport models. There are plenty of other interesting sessions, from the origin of life in the oceans to the biogeochemical role of Fungi, that I’ll be jumping between, most of which I hope to report on here on this blog.

I wish you a great conference and will be in touch very soon.



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